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Launch Prep Partnership

Beta Testing:

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Mostly official launch:

Winter 2016

You have your brand, you've got a website, and you're about to launch something brand spankin' new to your list. All the excitement in the world can't describe how you feel about your new offer, but you still feel stuck. Why? Because you’re imagining the mountain of materials you need designed and the mere thought of it all feels like a step backwards before it's even started.

Forget the DIY route, you’ve been there, done that, and learned that the results don’t meet the standards you have set for your business. You need someone who understands what you need and will be able to deliver quality launch materials designed to make an impact and sell your new offer.

If this sounds like the pickle you're in, then my new Launch Prep Partnership is exactly what you need. Beta testing is currently underway, but don't fret! Sign up below to be the first in the know when booking for 2017 opens up.

Brand Overhaul Partnership

Beta Testing:


Mostly official launch:

Winter 2016

Does this sound familiar? You got your logo, thought to yourself “let's do this!” and proceeded to spend hours upon hours DIY-ing designed materials for your business. The results have carried you along so far, but you’ve hit a wall. The standards you have for your brand have risen, but your DIY skills have remained the same. Maybe you even wonder if it’s holding you back

If you were nodding your head and thinking “eek, that’s me!” then it’s time to break free from the DIY chain. Take back your creative freedom and time and go back to being the expert.

The Brand Overhaul Partnership is for business owners like you who need to refresh (+create) collateral to elevate your brand. I'm currently interviewing beta testers & would love you to join.

Sign up below to be the first in the know when booking for 2017 opens up.


Hey, I'm Liz White and I’ve had the joy of growing my business Linea Mae for the past (almost) 5 years. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Linea Mae is an individually run design studio that allows me to work with creative business owners across the US. Will we work together next?


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