What to look for when you're ready to outsource

Are you ready to outsource tasks in your small business? As a creative business owner, knowing when to finally hire a VA or industry expert to help you is a big step. But do you know what to look for when hiring for your business? Head over to the Linea Mae blog to learn 10 things to pay attention to when you're outsourcing or hiring someone for your business. You'll find 5 red flags to avoid and 5 green flags to look for - all to help save you from a big hiring disaster.

Today I'm here to talk to you all about hiring other people to help you with your business.

Whether you're hiring a designer to do your logo or a virtual assistant to help you with your day-to-day, any hire is a big investment.


I hate the phrase (to the next level), but it's really perfect here.

You could be investing $100 to $1000 (or more) in one big chunk, which is scary!

What's even scarier?

The idea that someone could just take your money and disappear.


Shitty people are out there. Like people who sweet talk, charge an amount you don't really question, and then ghost you. Or people who deliver a sub-par product for a high-end price.

And while many of us might have a run in with a crooked-contractor at some point...


How do you avoid that icky 2% of people who are up to no good?

Well, it's hard to spot them sometimes. Honestly. But I've uncovered 5 red flags and 5 green flags to look out for when you're ready to hire someone.

Hiring someone to work with you on your business is tough. Outsourcing is even harder when you aren't sure what red flags to watch out for to avoid a major hiring disaster. Head over to the Linea Mae blog to discover 5 red flags you have to watch out for. Whether you're hiring a VA, hiring a consultant, or even hiring a coach, pay attention to these.

5 Red Flags - run!

They do not have a branded email

Example: unicornsrule123@gmail.com instead of mia@prettyprincess.com
If you think this red flag is petty, it's time to upgrade your email situation. Plain and simple, when you're hiring a professional to work on your business, they need to take THEIR business seriously. There's no excuse not to have an email address through your custom domain these days. Having a branded email address is a basic step in business ownership and a red flag if your potential hire doesn't have one.

Their price is below market rate or they're having a crazy discount on their services.

When it sounds too good to be true... it's too good to be true. No matter what industry you're in, educate yourself on the general market rates of the professionals you're looking to hire. If someone is running a "special" or deeply discounting their rate to get new clients, pay close attention to why. Are they new? Are they running a beta test for a new service? Don't just think you got lucky on a cheap hire.

You don't really understand the process of working with them and/or their answers to your questions are vague.

Communication is key. If emailing someone is like pulling teeth to get information from them then that's a big uh-oh. It shouldn't be a mystery to you about how someone is going to provide a service to you. You're about to pay someone real American dollars (or you know, euros, pounds, bitcoins, whatever) and you should know exactly how you'll be working with the person you're about to hire.

They do not have you sign a contract.

Guess what, contracts don't just protect the person who is providing services. Contracts protect people who are receiving the service as well. Have your agreement in writing and signed by both parties. No contract, no deal.

They do not send you a detailed invoice.

Invoices are basic, no-nonsense requirements that are crucial for your bookkeeping and when tax season rolls around. You don't want there to be any grey area going on with an itemized invoice. Without an itemized invoice and contract don't be surprised if they straight up ghost you. Make sure you also have a copy of the invoice and a receipt of your payment to cover all your bases.

Your ready to outsource tasks in your business and you're looking to hire someone. You already know about the importance of watching out for red flags, but looking for green flags is just as important. Hiring someone like a Virtual Assistant is a big decision, so make sure you're paying attention to these. Head over to the Linea Mae blog to discover what these 5 green flags are.

5 Green Flags - hire!

You've been following them for months/years and love how their biz has been growing.

You feel like you know this person. You know exactly what their doing in their business and you love them. Any other person you hire would feel sub-par - so go out on a limb and see how to make hiring them possible for you! If their price comes back out of your budget, or the scheduling is off, (nicely) ask them for a referral.

They are an industry leader who not only provides services but speaks about their expertise in podcasts, webinars, summits, etc...

This person knows their sh*t. They are an expert at what they do and it's being recognized by others in their industry (and yours). This is a big green flag because not only can you learn their personality from watching/listening to them, they're also being trusted by other legit pros. 

You're already getting value out of what they are sharing (for free!) online.

If you're loving what you're getting from this pro without ever sending a dime their way... can you imagine what it will be like working directly with them? Getting and using freebies, webinars, email courses, etc has already helped you in your business journey. Chances are SUPER high that working 1-on-1 is going to be a game changer.

Their prices might seem steep but you don't think they are overpriced.

You dream about when you'll be able to hire them because their prices are high but they don't have you outraged. You know they are worth it, and even if you aren't there yet you know what it will mean for your biz when you are. Saving up to work with your dream pro or someone you know is totally legit is going to transform your mindset and your business.

When you think about being able to hire them you get excited!

Can't wait to work with this person? Can't stop dreaming about the incredible things that will happen in and for your business when you do? All signs are pointing to a big neon sign that says "HIRE!" - when you're ready of course. Don't think you have to settle. You deserve an amazing collaborator and expert, so it's okay to hold out until you're able to hire them or until their schedule opens up.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to trust.

Do you trust this person to do exactly what you are paying them to do, based on what you have seen, read, heard, and learned about them?

Or are you slightly uneasy about the whole thing, but think you're getting an incredible deal?

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