How to find joy in 2015

For the past few years my resolutions have been health based. In 2013 I went gluten free, which was extremely difficult in the beginning but has completely changed my life. It nearly eliminated my chronic migraines and gave me a completely new lease on life (which is darn near a miracle when you've lived in constant pain for 10+ years). In 2014 I started practicing yoga, which is something I continue to work on and have really learned to enjoy. This year I'm switching gears. For 2015 I'm focusing on finding joy, which I realize is a quite a bit ambiguous, but I am thoroughly excited to dip my toes into it. Here are a few ways that I am going to make finding joy a priority, will you join me?

experiences > purchases
This year I want to enjoy coffee with friends, take weekend ski trips, and travel places I've never been. I want to spend money on experiences that add value to my life instead of get caught up in thinking I'm getting a good deal on 3-wick candles at Bath and Body Works. When I look back on 2015 I want to cherish the memories I've made, so I'm making it a priority to be more intentional about my spending habits. Sorry, Target.

eliminate comparison
There's quote floating around Pinterest that says "comparison is the thief of joy." I find myself thinking of that whenever I have an instagram binge session and start wishing for the success of others. It's easy to forget that what you see on social media is highly curated and not a true representation of the countless hours of work someone puts in. I'm working towards not getting caught up comparing my beginning to others' middles.

trust your heart
I like to overthink things, which can lead to a heavy dose of anxiety more often than not, so I'm learning to trust my heart over my head when making tough decisions. I find that if I'm facing a choice between two fairly equal things, I'm going with the one that would leave me wondering "what if?" if I went with the opposite choice. Sometimes, trusting your heart takes your life in a direction you never considered before.

value your time
Maybe it's the introvert in me talking, but I'm letting go of preconceived social obligations and being more selective about how I spend my time. I'm reconsidering things that I think I "should" do and switching them out for things that I'm actually looking forward to. I'm also applying this to my business and charging for the value I provide instead of just time spent.

be adventurous
Generally speaking, I don't like not knowing the outcome to something. I read spoilers, I over-plan, and I make decisions that aren't out of my comfort zone. I'm going to be adventurous in the sense that I am letting go of always having to have control. I am abandoning complete comfort for adventure (however slight) so that I can follow my heart and focus on creating memories that will lead to an unforgettable year.

bonus: do something that scares you
Following my heart, travelling somewhere new, trying something different, taking a leap of faith... I'm going to find what makes my heart skip a beat and not look back.

I believe that the reason many people think their resolutions are doomed to failure is because they view them as something which must be done immediately and continuously, instead of something to work towards and build upon. It's key to remember that resolutions aren't an all or nothing venture.

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