3 steps to taking action

 Take action fast with these three super simple steps. This is exactly what you need to do when you're feeling stuck and need to start being more productive.

I’ve found that when running a business, the hardest work is the work I make for myself. What I’m talking about is the work that isn’t for clients, but is necessary to do in order to get more clients. I’m talking accounting, design, marketing, taxes, contracts, blog posts… all the behind-the-scenes stuff you kind of think about but put off a little longer than you should. The intentions to do all of these things are there, but the sheer amount of stuff you need to do is daunting. So you make lists. You start multiple things at one time. You overthink everything. You almost finish something but then you change your mind and start over. Being in motion does not mean you are making progress (tweet this).

Let’s replace “you” with “I” up there, because that’s been my struggle lately. So how am I getting out of my rut? It's simple, I'm following these 3 steps to taking action.

  1. Identify the project I am stuck on. 
    Example: Wedding collection price sheet.
  2. Determine why the project is important and what will happen if I don't do it.
    Example: I need to have a pricing structure that makes the ordering process easy (and I need to know exactly how much I will make per sale). If my prices are not readily available and easy to understand I will lose out on potential buyers.
  3. Break it down into small steps.
    Example: (1) Get pricing from printer. (2) Determine out how much I need to make per sale and make a pricing structure based on that. (3) Create a price sheet that I can provide on my website through a downloadable pdf or email attachment. (4) Create a mini price sheet that I can turn into a quick reference/handout at the bridal show.