Make the most out of Instagram's desktop redesign

Last week, Instagram unveiled an updated desktop site. Have you seen it? It's fantastic.

Light and airy, it's the perfect showcase for your photos when viewing them on the web. This is such a welcome update, since Instagram is getting a ton of traction for being a major marketing tool besides just general photo sharing. 

As a designer, the Instagram website redesign is huge. There was such a discrepancy before, between how Instagram was viewed on mobile vs desktop. Now the experience is consistent on both platforms. The increase in the photo size along with added whitespace helps individual photos grab attention more than before. What used to be a crowded, small-scale page of photos now rivals online portfolios. 

So, how can you make the most of Instagram's desktop redesign?

Save Images at 640 x 640 px (minimum)

If you're creating images outside of the Instagram app, make sure to save at Instagram's size limit. I always save mine for web as a PNG file.

Curate Your Feed

Strive for an Instagram feed that looks cohesive and thought out. Whether it's showcasing your personal style or your brand, you know what fits and what doesn't.
Instagram accounts shown above: Ali Makes ThingsThe Object Enthusiast.

Use Hashtags

The best tip I ever saw about Instagram was to post your image, then comment on the image with the hashtags you want to use (so it isn't crowding your description). If you have a series that you consistently post, create a hashtag specific to that so that you can see them all at once. A perfect example of this is #moodboardmonday where many creatives (including me!) post moodboards on, you guessed it, Monday.