2016 Recap + What's Next



Last year was all about HUGE life and business changes. To be completely honest, I was a bit lost on the business side of things for the first half of the year. Things weren’t clicking, I was still contracting for other companies, and I was pretty discouraged about my actual ability to make Linea Mae work and turn a profit. #RealTalk

But with all the ups and downs, 2016 ended up being the best year I’ve had so far in my 20’s. Big statement, I know. Here’s a brief run-down of the good & the not-so-good.




Eliminated wedding services: Remember when I was doing wedding invitation design? No? Good. I’m kidding (kind of). The wedding industry was something that I fell into and if I’m being completely honest... I had zero passion for it. As someone who never wants an actual wedding of her own, it was the wrong fit on so many levels. Bye bye bye.


Contracting: Contracting for other companies was my main form of income in Omaha and my biggest crutch as a business owner. There were companies I loved working with (Ervin and Smith) and companies I didn’t love so much (not naming names). I decided to leave contracting behind after the spring. Never say never, I know, but no more contracting for now.

Public Speaking: I was able to be a panelist at a local college which reaffirmed that I actually enjoy public speaking despite my introverted nature.




Travel Travel Travel: Being in a long-distance relationship meant a lot of traveling. I spent a lot of time down in Austin and it was beyond wonderful. I even got to meet up with my biz bestie in real life!


Biz Bestie: Speaking of biz besties, instagram brought me and Maggie together in a totally magical way. Although our businesses are quite different, we’re in similar stages of growth and it’s been beyond wonderful to have someone to #realtalk with and cheer on. 


Apartment Hunting: We flew to NYC and found an apartment in less than a week. We discovered a neighborhood in Brooklyn that we loved at first site and snagged a 2 bedroom the day after it became available. Moving across the country became “real” after those hefty deposits and brokers fees. Yikes!


Photoshoot time: I finally updated my headshots and brand photos from the lovely Joyce Tong. I found her through Instagram and we had 2 fun days of shooting when I was down in Texas.




Welcome to New York: We moved in the hottest month of the summer and really missed central air. We love our pre-war apartment, but experienced many of the problems that come with it… like a leaking roof that led to a waterfall down our stairs. Seriously!


New Services: Taking the Yay for Clients course from Courtney Johnson completely changed my business in the best way. I gained better clarity and niched down from the typical branding and website design offerings. I built out two new signature services that I’ll be putting through launches in 2017.


Updated Website: It was a long time coming and I put it off for a little too long if I’m being totally honest! I kept my previous logo but updated the overall layout and site design.


Getting settled: Making new friends and experiencing all the city has to offer made for a fun few months. Highlights include joining a book club, seeing James Blake, and seeing Iliza Shlesinger who I am beyond obsessed with.




Beta Testing:  Developing new services meant going through a thorough testing period to iron out any kinks. I worked with 2 amazing women for my 5-week Launch Design Partnership beta testing and it went better than I could have imagined! I didn’t end up getting any beta testers for my second new service offer... so I went back, kinda changed it, and put it on the backburner.


First Digital Products:  I’ve had a bunch of original mock up images gathering digital dust and taking up space. I created layered PSD files with smart object layers and put them on Creative Market to try out a new revenue stream. So far, so good. It requires minimal marketing and puts all those photos to good use!


Yay for new friends! Friendsgiving, dog costume parades, brunch dates, happy hours, coffee dates, co-working, holiday parties, hosting book club… It feels like I’m settling in. Making new friends was the scariest part of moving for me and I’m so happy that I’ve found some great ones.


More Photos: I can’t forget to mention working with Kylee Yee on new photos for my upcoming website transformation. I was lucky enough to snag time with her before she jetted off to Australia and the images are killer. Can’t wait to work with her again.


Business coaching: My first venture into business coaching is the Conquer Club. Maggie and I both joined in on the 2017 Conquer Club program, and to date it is the single most expensive investment I have made for my business. It's not the traditional business coaching approach, but a 12-month program with other business owners in all stages of their business. I am learning SO much and it's helping me be a better business owner already.


In 2017 I’m rolling out everything I started building last fall.


Here’s what’s headed your way:


Sales Page in a Day: A brand new (and first of its kind) Sales Page course where I’ll guide you through the step by step process to create your sales page on the platform you know and love, Squarespace. Check it out here!


5-week Launch Design Partnership: This program delivers quality launch materials designed to make an impact and sell your new offer. Whether it’s a service or digital product, you get offer branding, sales page design, social promo images, and branded PDFs. PLUS creative strategy meetings each week and a guide for your next steps after the partnership is complete. It’s a little bit done for you, little bit done with you, and a whole lot of magic.


Creative Market Shop: More mockup images! Shop the current images here :)


3-week Brand Refresh: A mini partnership all about giving new life to your branding.


Creative Strategy sessions: 1-on-1 collaborative Skype meetings to work through your current ideas or struggles & to give you actionable next steps.


Whew! Is that exciting or what?



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