How to Set Up Brand Fonts in Google Docs

Easily set up your brand fonts and colors in Google Docs.

How many times have you created a Google Doc, only to wish that you could make them match your business branding without giving you a headache? This is especially true if you have to send or share something to a client. You wish that you could use your brand colors and fonts easily, without having to figure out new creative software.

What if I told you it's going to take you less than 5 minutes to set up your branded fonts and font colors in Google Docs?

I'm serious! Once you follow these easy steps you'll have them saved as your default font styles, ready to use on any document you create.


Here are 5 easy steps to set up your own default font styles in Google Docs.

Step 1: 

In a new document set up a list for your Title, Subtitle, Headings 1-6*, and your normal body text. When you have your list, select your brand fonts and colors for each item. 

Step 1 in setting up font styles in Google Docs.

Step 2:

Next to the font selector you will find the default style selector. Click it and you'll see a list of all the elements you just styled.

Step 2 in setting up font styles in Google Docs.

Step 3:

Highlight "Title" in your document, open the style selector, hover over the coordinating element and click the arrow next to it.

Step 3 in setting up font styles in Google Docs.

Step 4

After you click the arrow you will be given two options. Select "Update 'Title' to match.

Congratulations! You just set your first branded document style.

Repeat for each element.

Step 4 in setting up font styles in Google Docs.

Step 5:

Once all of your font styles have been set, go down to options and "Save as default styles."

Step 5 in setting up font styles in Google Docs.


Now your branded font styles will be available to use for any new document you create. Plus you can update previous documents with these settings too.

*When you start a new doc, your Header styles for Header 4-6 will not show up right away. You have to use Header 3 for Header 4 to show up (and so on). But rest assured, all the styles you saved as your default will be there to use.

Looking to quickly and minimally brand your business documents without having to learn how to use design software? Google Docs are an easy way to send and share materials with your clients and coworkers, and now you can easily use your branded fonts and colors. Follow these 5 easy steps to set up branded default font style to use in your Google Docs again and again. Did I mention it will take less than 5 minutes? You need this for your business!