Design Tips for Your Next Launch

   These 5 design tips for your next launch will help you sell your upcoming offer. Whether you are launching an e-book, e-course, service, or product, this design advice is easy to take action on. Not a designer? Not a problem. This launch design advice is all about simple, but important, design decisions you’ll need to make. PLUS, download a free design cheat sheet to have on hand as you work through your launch design. 

Get ready, because these 5 design tips for your next launch are going to help you sell your upcoming offer. Whether you are launching an e-book, e-course, service, or product, this design advice is for you.

What if you’re hiring someone to handle your launch?
Wonderful! This info will help you work with your designer so you’re both on the same page about your launch design.

What if this is my 2nd, 3rd, 15th launch?
You may consider yourself a launch expert if you have a few under your belt, but these tips are going to make you think about your design decisions intentionally. You might not need all these tips, but you’ll benefit from using at least one of them!

Designing your offer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Sure, it can easily become a huge time-suck. But if you plan ahead and make decisions intentionally, you’ll be set up for success.

Okay, now let’s get to it!

Here are 5 expert design tips for launching your next offer:

Keep it Simple

You’ve spent hours and hours developing your offer, so you may think that you need to spend hours and hours designing it. Not true. Keeping your design clean and simple will not only streamline everything but it will save you time. Here’s how you can simplify each step of your launch that you’ll need to design

Offer PDFs
Set up PDF templates for things like worksheets, workbooks, checklists, resource lists, etc… Once you have the look down, you can duplicate the layout for multiple PDFs that accompany your offer.

Email Marketing
Create one header graphic that you can use to brand your offer emails. Set up one master template that includes all the formatting that you’ll need for your emails (bulleted lists, headers, buttons, text with links, CTAs, etc.). Then use that master template for every email, and just delete what you don’t need when formatting your content.

Social Media
Use graphics and images that you use within your offer. Match any text-heavy graphics with the offer branding. Share screenshots and image mock ups of your offer PDFs

What can you use from your offer as an opt-in? Repurpose the content you already have, following the templates you’ve created.

Compliment Your Business Branding

Your business branding has a set style that guides you. Make sure that your offer and launch graphics works with the designs you already use for your business. Use the same fonts, color, and photo styling that your audience already recognizes from your branding. If you want to change things up, do it ever so slightly by introducing a new color or accent font. Don’t take a 180 from what is true to you and your creative business.

Have a color palette

Your launch needs a set color palette. Using too many colors is distracting, not to mention confusing! Here are a few ways you can select the perfect color scheme for your offer.

Complimentary Colors
Focusing on contrast, this type of color scheme makes a big impact. Use one of your brand colors and it’s opposite on the color wheel.

Monochromatic Colors
Take one of your brand colors and use variations of it.

Warm vs Cool Colors
Use warm tones or cool tones based on how you want your audience to respond to your offer.

No matter what colors you choose for your color scheme, you must select one color to be your action color. Use this color anywhere you want to lead people to take action, like buttons and text links.

Use Google Fonts

Google fonts are easy to use on any website and there are over 800 font families to choose from, say what! Plus, they easily show up in any kind of browser. This means that your designs will look the same no matter where it’s being viewed. Remember to use a legible font for your body copy, my go-to’s are Proxima Nova and Open Sans.

Make your offer downloads printer friendly

Do you ever download a printable workbook only to see that has full pages of color and just know your printer will destroy the pretty designs? Make your printables printer-friendly! I can’t stress enough how important this is, so that people don’t need to second guess if they want to use up all their ink on your PDF. White space is your friend when you’re designing for at-home printables. This give people plenty of space to write, looks clean, and bonus: it’s easier to design!

If your offer downloads are purely electronic, don’t go crazy with the colors and graphics either. Make it clean and easy to navigate. To much color (especially if they are bright) can cause eye fatigue… so take it easy!


There you have it! I hope you’ve found those 5 design tips helpful for your new launch. Remember, be intentional about your launch design. Having a plan is the key to saving you from major headaches down the road.

Do you have any tips that I didn’t include in this design tip round-up? I’d love to hear about them, just add them in the comments below!