Create & Cultivate NYC review

Create and Cultivate NYC was a jam-packed, freebie filled, inspirational 12 hour day. It was branded to a T and every corner was styled to be photographed (obviously). But is the price tag of this sell out conference worth it? Here's my candid review of the Create and Cultivate NYC 2017 conference.

When you sign up for a totally Instagram-worthy conference it's easy to have high expectations.

That's how I felt about the Create and Cultivate conference last weekend in NYC. I knew from following along with them on Instagram that I had to sign up, if nothing else but to avoid the severe FOMO I'd have if I didn't go when they were a quick Uber ride away from where I lived.

Create and Cultivate NYC was a jam-packed, freebie filled, inspirational 12 hour day. It was branded to a T and every corner was styled to be photographed.


They are selling inspiration.


However, if you're wanting to attend to take some serious notes on creating a business... hold your horses.

Create and Cultivate lives in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world. If you are looking to grow your online business and get some straight-shooting business advice, check the speaker list and your expectations.

While C&C also has a more entrepreneurial-centered track, the panels were aimed at inspiring the audience and were moderated to do so.

Inspiration: delivered.

Actual business advice: meh...


It was incredibly encouraging to be surrounded by so many women doing the damn thing and going after their dreams.


But what was lacking were direct answers to questions asked instead of tweetable soundbites.

There were a handful of panelist who were very straightforward and to the point with helpful tips. I love people who don't bullshit and get right to it. But there were others that stood out to me as completely disconnected from the audience.

The next day I grabbed brunch with my friends Callie and Katie and we had a pretty intense discussion about what we liked and didn't like about the conference. We all agreed that C&C met the expectations that they set, and really understood what their audience loves and gets excited about.

Like an entire La Croix booth, aura photobooth, and a swag bag filled with beauty goodies.

However, it did leave us wanting more in terms of talking openly about how running a business is tough and confusing to navigate on your own.

Here were my top 3 takeaways from Create and Cultivate:

1. It’s okay to not agree with what speakers at conferences have to say. While there were amazing panels that totally got our minds stirring, there were others that had us thinking “wtf?!” Not everything everyone has to say is going to be in alignment with you and your biz, and that is both okay and important to realize.

2. Video is the future. If you aren’t doing Instagram stories, you HAVE to start. It’s the easiest way to get into video. Callie is killing it over on YouTube, and this summer I will be starting my own channel. So, that’s coming.

3. Be bold. Stop talking in circles and get to the point. Stop hiding your money shame and talk openly about it with friends. Stop thinking that likes and comments matter when it doesn’t result in $$ in the bank for your business. As women we need to be more strategic and intentional about what we do, and not be afraid to tear it apart when it isn’t working.

So there you have it, my no-fluff review of Create and Cultivate NYC.

Was it life changing? No.
Did I learn anything new? No.
Was I inspired? Yes.
Was it worth the price of admission? I think so.
Would I go again? Definitely.

Create and Cultivate conference photos.

To get another opinion about the Create & Cultivate conference, check out my friend Callie's vlog from the jam-packed day. You'll get a glimpse at the awesome venue, panel snippets, and what she found as her main takeaways. Watch the video here.

Now, as with anything, take my review with a grain of salt. I've been to plenty of conferences and have also been involved in putting conference-style day-long events together in the past. So I know that it's a ton of work and what C&C has a seriously impressive set-up. When deciding what conferences to invest your $$ into, do your research so you know what to expect. Are you going to be inspired or to learn new things to implement into your business?

Photo Credit: All photos of the conference are from Callie of Callie and Co. who took way better pictures than I did!