The Thirty Three Method

Finding the perfect business tools can be expensive. Make sure that what you're doing for your business is productive and a good investment. My number one business tip for how to do that is to use the Thirty Three Method. This is going to help you audit your business decisions (and purchases) as you go… so that the business tools you buy are worth it!

Precap (like a recap, but you know, earlier) : The Thirty Three method had saved me hundreds of dollars a year. Yes, it really works. No, it's not JUST about saving money. Yes, I gave it a catchy name. Yes, you need to start using this method in your business...

Now that you know how to Take Control Of Your Business the Right Way it's time to chat about a no-nonsense method for auditing your business. Maybe you're thinking, hey, didn't we already do this through figuring out what to do when your business starts evolving? Yes and no.

As a recap, you've rediscovered your core values and have started making small shifts towards big change in your business. Now, when you're making large shifts in your business and towards how your business at it's core is working... the way you make that happen is by changing a lot of little things along the way.

Maybe this means you start implementing a new routine. Maybe you purchase a few new tools that require a monthly payment to use. Maybe you're wondering if you need to switch up email providers.

All of these small business decisions add up and can make incredible strides towards growth OR they can quietly prevent real growth from happening (while we think they are helping)!

You have to spent money to make money… but what if you’re spending more than you need to? Being smart about your business finances is important, especially when there are so many business tools and courses to purchase. Track your business purchases with the 33 Method - it will help you save money on business expenses you don’t need, so you can spend it on the ones you do.

That's where the Thirty Three Method comes in...

Today you'll learn exactly how the Thirty Three Method is going to help you make the best decisions for your business.

More specifically I'm sharing with you the best way to make sure that your purchases, like business tools & subscriptions, are actually making a difference in your business. 

You can use this method for things in your business that aren't actual purchases, like routines and habits, but for now I'm highlighting how the Thirty Three Method is going to help you make smart money decisions.

Pro tip for all small business owners and entrepreneurs: Make the best business decisions with this no-nonsense method. It makes sure that you're being smart about every new purchase and decision you make. Where was the 33 method when I was just starting my business? This helps me know exactly what business investments are worth it, and keeps me on track for being super productive.

Here's what the Thirty Three Method is (you're going to love its simplicity)...

Every new decision you make gets re-evaluated every 30 days for 3 months

The Thirty Three Method is not a one-and-done kind of deal. This it a hyper specific, yet simple, way to keep track of any new purchases or changes to how you run your business. From things like using a new CMS tool or deciding to only check your email twice a day... use this method to keep track of whether something *actually* helps.

If you haven't done any kind of business audit before, I would also recommend that you take anything that has recurring business costs (monthly, quarterly) through this evaluation. So often we keep doing things just because we've been doing them, without critically evaluating if they *truly* work.

If it doesn't help your business at all in the first 30 days, you eliminate it

This might be the toughest month. After all, we always want to give things a chance.

Hear me on this... Thirty days is enough to give something new a chance.

If what you're tracking doesn't help your business at all (seriously zero difference in how your business operates) it has to go. Seriously. Get rid of it.

You need to notice improvement in whatever you're trying to make better, or else it's back to the drawing board.

If it stops helping your business after the second 30 days, you eliminate it

Have you ever noticed that the first month of something might be great, but then it loses momentum or efficacy the next? If something helps your business one month and then the next it doesn't do anything, there's an issue. 

60 days is a long time to test out something new in your business, and enough time to notice if something is making your life a whole lot easier... or just doing a lot of nothing.

When there's a monthly cost along with the whole "doing nothing" thing, save your money and try something new. Get rid of it and move on.

If it continues to help your business through the third 30 days, you keep it

Woohoo! You found something that helps your business and it's passed the test. Chances are, whatever you're doing is a keeper and you can rest easy knowing that you can continue with it.

Note: It's best to do 6-month and year check-ins to keep track of things. If something stops working, or needs to be improved, you don't want to go too long without addressing it.


I mean really, how easy is that?

Now, you already know this, but we don't notice something is wrong until it's REALLY wrong (usually by costing us a LOT of time or money).

The Thirty Three Method is going to prevent the snowball effect that poor decisions typically lead to. You know, when you kind of ignore something that isn't working, and it grows and grows until eventually it plows you over and you're left picking up the pieces?

Dramatic? Maybe.

Like you, I've been there, done that, and I know it's not something I want to allow to happen. The Thirty Three Method does wonders to help prevent those things from happening.

Whether you're purchasing a new tool or you're trying out a new way of doing something, you need to use this method in your business.

If you think business audits sound way too complicated, the Thirty Three Method is your answer. It's a simplified version of a business audit, designed to be done in real time, not once you've realized you have a problem! This will help you with both your business finances and productivity. As an online business owner, you need this! This is especially great for creative business owners, because it’s easy to do at any stage. You don’t need someone else to do this.

Here's a quick list of how to know if something is helping your business (if you're still not sure):

  • It helps you make more money by bringing in new clients
  • It helps you make more money by selling more products
  • It cuts down on the time you spend on admin work
  • It helps you put repetitive things on autopilot
  • It makes your client process run smoother and faster
  • It makes your selling process faster and stress free
  • It makes you less stressed out - gives you peace of mind
  • It frees up time so you can work less
Where was the 33 method when I was just starting my business? This helps me know exactly what business investments are worth it, and keeps me on track for being super productive. Business tools are great, but if they aren’t working they are a waste of money - avoid that! Use the Thirty Three method to to help keep your business finances are in check.

How have I used the Thirty Three Method?

I've used this method to save me both time AND money when trying out new things in my business.

If you aren't tracking your business results and numbers, it's time to start.