Here's exactly how the process works


Pre-session questionnaire

Once your session has been scheduled, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out all online (super easy). This questionnaire will help us make the most of our 60-minute session by uncovering the specific challenge you want to work through during our call. You'll send the completed questionnaire for me to review (at least 24 hours) before our skype call.

One 60-minute Skype call

The day of our scheduled call you'll log in to skype (5 minutes early) to start the session right on time. We'll talk through the struggle you're having and determine the perfect next steps for you in solving it.


Follow up email with action steps

Don't worry if I mention tools or resources that you forgot to jot down in your notes. I'll send you a recap email with action steps and links to any resources that I mentioned during (or thought about after) our skype call.