that's me, liz white. I'm the boss here at Linea Mae. I help grow businesses through visuals and creative strategy, so that they can build a recognizable brand that not only impresses but drives sales.

When I discovered the power of sales pages and how much easier they made selling services and products, I felt like I hit the business owner jackpot. It simply wasn’t something I could keep to myself. I started working with my clients on their sales pages whether they were restructuring how they sold what they currently offered or were about to launch something new.

IF selling your offer makes you want to run and hide...

Sales pages are truly going to change how you think of selling. Seriously! (I know, because I've been there) Sales Pages are the perfect way to uplevel your business, showcase your offer in the most irresistible way, and fit in perfectly with your funnels to *basically* sell on autopilot.