Linea Mae design client welcome kit

Welcome Kit

You'll snag your welcome kit as soon as your project has been scheduled, even if the start date is a few weeks out. Inside the kit is a project set-up checklist, and links to two worksheets that will be homework for you to fill out and have complete by your start date. You'll keep all docs in a shared Google Drive folder, making collaboration and sharing notes super easy.

Creative Strategy Session

On the day that your project is scheduled to start, we'll meet on Skype to go over your sales page workbook and chat about the overall design direction. We'll tie up any additional questions and go over how your sales page will work alongside your website.

Custom Sales Page design

Built directly in your favorite platform, Squarespace, your sales page will work in perfect alignment with your current website and branding.  Bonus: You can use the final sales page as a “template” for additional sales pages that you can easily duplicate and edit yourself.

  • Design: Photo sizing, device mockups, 1-3 custom icons, stock photo sourcing, CSS for design & mobile optimization
  • Connect to cart or CRM of choice
  • File downloads of everything created